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Hello! My name is Sansia.

I live in Madagascar.


First Name: Sansia

Nick Name: Dora

Gender: Female

Birthday: Jul 14, 2006

Id Number: MAD1012

Country: Madagascar

Grade: 3

Favorite Activity: She loves jumping on the trampoline and riding bicycles!

Favorite Food: Chicken (and just about anything else!)

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Subject: Science

Dream: To be a doctor


Sansia decided a while back that she would like to be called "Dora". Dora the Explorer is her all time favorite show! She LOVES the dubbed over Malagasy version they sell here. She is 100% convinced that the cartoon Dora is actual from Madagascar. Dora is a girlie girl, with a sweet heart and just a bit of sass added in to keep things interesting!

It takes us a minimum of $150USD/child/month to fully care for one of our children. We understand $150 USD may be a big commitment for some so we have broken it down into increments of $30, $75, and $150 USD so you can sponsor as much as you feel led to. This means our children may have multiple co-sponsors to provide and pray for them.