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Hello! My name is Daniel.

I live in Madagascar.


First Name: Daniel

Gender: Male

Id Number: MAD5056

Country: Madagascar

Grade: Special needs

Favorite Activity: He loves one on one attention, music and dance!

Favorite Food: Yogurt, cheese and rice

Favorite Color: Blue


Daniel has big brown eyes that sparkle and a smile that lights up the whole room. He was born with CP, which in his case also means completely perfect. Starring into his eyes literally feels like looking into the eyes of Jesus. This kid is so loved and love radiates from him in everyway.

It takes us a minimum of $150USD/child/month to fully care for one of our children. We understand $150 USD may be a big commitment for some so we have broken it down into increments of $30, $75, and $150 USD so you can sponsor as much as you feel led to. This means our children may have multiple co-sponsors to provide and pray for them.