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Hello! My name is Rolland.

I live in Madagascar.


First Name: Rolland

Gender: Male

Id Number: MAD2082

Country: Madagascar

Grade: 3

Favorite Activity: Watching movies and playing with toy trucks

Favorite Food: Bread with noddles and carrots (called Compose ) a Malagasy sandwich

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Subject: Reading

Dream: To be a pilot


Rolland joined our family in October of 2016. He has been nothing but smiles since the moment he arrived! He is an extremely sweet and tender-hearted child. We think his age is around 9 years old, but we are still in the process of locating his birth certificate. It's pretty much impossible to take a bad photo of Rolland, he is VERY photogenic. One of his new favorite things to do is take pictures using the funny snap chat filters. He is perfect in every way.

It takes us a minimum of $150USD/child/month to fully care for one of our children. We understand $150 USD may be a big commitment for some so we have broken it down into increments of $30, $75, and $150 USD so you can sponsor as much as you feel led to. This means our children may have multiple co-sponsors to provide and pray for them.