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Hello! My name is Dina.

I live in Madagascar.


First Name: Dina

Gender: Female

Birthday: Mar 22, 2002

Id Number: MAD1004

Country: Madagascar

Grade: 5

Favorite Activity: She loves to go swimming and also play school with her friends!

Favorite Food: Fish and rice

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Subject: Science

Dream: To be a teacher


Dina is growing into a lovely young woman of God. She has such a tender and kind spirit. She tends to be more on the quite side and really enjoys art and watching movies. A great day for Dina would include going out to get compose (a local sandwich) then going back to her house to watch a movie while getting her hair done. She is girly but loves to play outside and doesn’t mind getting dirty. Dina has three other siblings that are part of the Iris Madagascar family, but she is the oldest.

It takes us a minimum of $150USD/child/month to fully care for one of our children. We understand $150 USD may be a big commitment for some so we have broken it down into increments of $30, $75, and $150 USD so you can sponsor as much as you feel led to. This means our children may have multiple co-sponsors to provide and pray for them.