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Hope Families - Muaguide Village

Project Name: Hope Families - Muaguide Village

Project Location: Mozambique

Project Description:

Hope Families is a program that encourages families within our Iris churches to care for the orphans in their communities. In collaboration with the local churches, Stop for the One supports these families through assistance that provide quarterly food, school materials, hygiene supplies and more. This collaboration encourages not only the heart of stopping for the one, but also community building and local outreach.

Our Muaguide village is a thriving community because of its great leadership! Our local pastors vision and goal for Muaguide is to be self sustainable. They encouraged the community to think of ways they can support the children on their own so they are not dependent on our program. One way is through education. The families of the program continue to push children in their studies making those children not only an example to other children in the village but also excelling in school with great school attendance.

The pastor hopes to add more children to the program who are in desperate situations. The village continues to work with our Iris Machamba Farm Project in helping to church produce cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce.

Number of Children Served : 10