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Hello! My name is Fatima.

I live in Mozambique.


First Name: Fatima

Gender: Female

Birthday: Jan 10, 2003

Id Number: ZM193

Country: Mozambique

Grade: 9

Favorite Activity: Watching movies

Favorite Food: Bread

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Subject: English

Dream: To be a teacher


Fatima's mother and father separated when she was young. When her mother could no longer care for her, Fatima was given back to her Father. Her Father was later in-prisoned and she began living with her grandmother. Fatima is a lovely girl, sometimes shy, but have a lot of friends. She works hard at school, enjoys dancing in the group dances in church, and has a micro business making jewelry for the visitor shop. Her earrings sell well and she is saving for her future.

Prayer Request:

Her favourite bible story is Ruth and she would like prayer to do well in school and tests.

It takes us a minimum of $150USD/child/month to fully care for one of our children. We understand $150 USD may be a big commitment for some so we have broken it down into increments of $30, $75, and $150 USD so you can sponsor as much as you feel led to. This means our children may have multiple co-sponsors to provide and pray for them.